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House Washing Services in Treasure Valley, ID

At Pressure Washing Treasure Valley we provide house washing services anywhere in Treasure Valley, ID. We can clean the siding of your house or the roof. It is essential to clean the exterior of your house. A house’s exterior is not cleaned regularly can cause a buildup of mildew, mold, or dirt because it is exposed to the environment outside. This can result in the deterioration of your home. House washing helps remove all of these contaminants on your house’s exterior walls, so you can preserve the exterior of your home and improve the appearance.

We know it is essential to keep your property in excellent condition. We provide fast and reliable services to keep your house clean and looking great! Our team will rid your house of dirt, grime, dust, and buildup!


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We employ the most professional employees who deeply understand pressure washing. No matter what material your house’s exterior is made up of – vinyl, aluminum, painted or unpainted wood, steel, brick, and masonry, our employees know precisely how to clean it. Our team uses safe, low water pressure to ensure there is no damage to the exterior of your house. Our team also uses the safest and environmentally friendly products to clean your house. Our staff also uses innovative technology to ensure your house is clean and shiny by the end of our service. 

We are happy to be among the first service providers to supply property owners with exceptional satisfaction and joy with these exceptional services, as we have revolutionized the idea of pressure washing with our technology. Our customers are always pleased with the state of their homes after our services.

 We arrive at your location on time and are prepared to start. We have the highest service level and always ensure our customers are pleased with our services. Give us a call today and get your home cleaned.


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We offer the best home washing service. Your home is guaranteed to be shiny clean after our service.

We guarantee that you will not have a problem with our service, because we employ the most knowledgeable employees.

We arrive at your location on time and are prepared to start. We have the highest level of service.

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 At The Pressure Washing Treasure Valley, your satisfaction is essential to us. We strive to deliver the very best customer experience, from when you call us to request our service to when we pack up our gear and leave your property. We will treat your property like our own, and we guarantee you will be 100 percent pleased with the results of our work. At The Pressure Washing Treasure Valley, we use a low-pressure cleaning method called soft washing when cleaning home exteriors. You can trust our highly trained and experienced team will use the proper pressure and temperature settings and clean at the proper distance. These precautions ensure that we deliver maximum cleaning effectiveness without risk of damage to the surface. We know that you will be satisfied with our service.